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China Travel News offers the daily travel news for all the travelers, including the China tourism news, Beijing tourism news, tourist sites news, some special travel news, etc. and we also offers the popular 5 news in the past month and top 10 news of past year!
Daily Travel News Posted
  Three Gorges Dam crest reopens to visitors (2009-04-23)
  World Heritage Day-2009 celebrated in Nepal (2009-04-20)
  Ming Dynasty Great Wall 2,551.8 km longer, survey finds (2009-04-19)
  Guilin cooperates with World Tourism Organization (2009-04-17)
  Water-splashing Festival celebrated in Yunnan (2009-04-16)
  Daxing to get Beijing's 2nd airport (2009-04-15)
  Xi'an to build underground station in 2013 (2009-04-14)
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Popular 5 news of past month
  Tibet to reopen to foreign tourists (2009-03-30)
  Temporary theme park opens next to Bird's Nest (2009-03-28)
  Rail line plan from mainland to Taiwan (2009-03-14)
  'Peking Man' 300,000 years older than usually thought (2009-03-13)
  More exchanges between Beijing and Taiwan museums planned (2009-03-03)
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  All News in Jan. 2009
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