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Beijing Ski Guide
Skiing has become increasingly popular with Chinese as well as international ski travelers looking for good ski resorts and competitive prices. With the fall of the first snow in the capital of a years, Beijing's ski resorts threw open their doors for those looking to hit the slopes. Currently, the capital is home to 12 ski resorts, most of which are scattered throughout the topographically tumultuous outskirts. And now, there are enough establishments that they are trying to differentiate themselves in order to grab their own niche of the skiing market.
Popular Ski Resorts in Beijing Map of Beijing Ski Resorts
  Nanshan Ski Village Beijing Ski Resort Map
  Huaibei Ski Resort
  Jundushan Ski Resort
  Badaling Ski Resort
  Yuyang Ski Resort
  Yunfoshan Ski Resort
  Shijinglong Ski Resort
  Lianhuashan Ski Resort
  More Resort ...
Beijing Ski Vacation Packages Beijing Ski Resort Pictures
  Jundushan Ski Half Day Trip
Beijing Ski Resort Pictures
  Lianhuashan Ski Half Day Trip
  Badaling Ski Day Trip
  Nanshan Ski Day Trip
  Wanlong Ski 2 Day Trip
  More Packages ...
Beijing Ski Car Rental
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Beijing has many good ski resorts with it's advanced snowmaking system and the favorable weather conditions. is a full service Beijing travel agency providing popular ski tours to the all resorts and the around areas.

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Beijing Skiing Tours
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